Remember When Tom Hiddleston Worked With These Celebs? — PHOTOS

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Who wouldn't want the chance to work alongside Tom Hiddleston? I know his many, many fans (myself included) would love nothing more than to spend a day watching Hiddleston do his thing. As hard as it is to imagine, though, Hiddleston is only just now becoming the star of his own films. For quite some time, he cut his teeth on British TV shows, made-for-TV movies, and indie films. During these times, Hiddleston worked with an astonishing array of performers (including most of the cast of Downton Abbey).

I'm sure watching these performers and sharing scenes with some of them helped Hiddleston hone his craft, so in a way they may have all helped make Hiddleston into the actor he is today— not that he wasn't bursting with natural talent as it was.

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