Norway Uses Giant Confetti-Spraying Penis To Tackle Its Chlamydia Epidemic

Norway has what Norway calls a chlamydia problem: 23,000 cases of it arise among Norwegians every year. If that sounds like a lot, it's actually on par, percentage-wise, with chlamydia rates in the US. But because Europeans care about their sexual health way more than we do, the country of Norway has decided to implement a special ad campaign sponsored by a sexual health "charity" (I suspect this is Brit-speak for "non-profit") to raise awareness about the spread of chlamydia.

Does this ad campaign feature facts and figures, or information about how the STI is asymptomatic but has serious health risks associated with it if left untreated? No. Does the ad campaign feature a 19-year-old kid in a giant penis costume who sneaks up on unsuspecting Norwegians and "ejaculates" gold confetti on them with a startling scream-grunt? Bingo. Tagline: Penis can surprise you.

If that isn't terrifying, bizarre, and nonsensical enough, the costume's anatomical correctness also leaves something to be desired, featuring strangely disembodied testicles, sewn right onto the base of the penis, sans scrotum.

Since the campaign is meant to target 16-25 year olds, the non-profit justifies its ad claiming, "This is a group that is not swayed by lecturing, facts, or scaremongering."

No, we definitely don't want to incorporate facts into our sex education. For his part, Philip van Eck, the kid inside the suit, seems to be the perfect spokesman for the job, with insightful sound bites like: "I thought it was hilarious. If I can help others, just by being a dick, there is nothing better."

Cool story, bro. You can check out the ad, courtesy of The Telegraph below.

Image: Screengrab