The Song In The Weed Field Scene In 'Ted 2' Is One Of The Movie's 'High' Points — And It's Become the Chart-Topping Song of the Summer

It's already expected that Ted 2 will deliver the raunchy, albeit adorable humor via its title character. Based on the movie's predecessor, it's a given that there will be no shortage of jokes involving genitals, bodily fluids, political incorrectness and, of course, pot. Speaking of marijuana, there is one major "high point" of the movie where the Ted, John (Mark Wahlberg), and Sam (Amanda Seyfried) come across a lush field of marijuana leaves. It's at this moment that Ted 2 marries a weed field and an iconic song, all in the name of capturing the splendor.

Our three Ted 2 cohorts, as veritable cannabis connoisseurs, are moved by this vision — so moved that they are brought to actual tears. This is such a touching, awe-inspiring moment that director Seth MacFarlane clearly needed to insert one of the most recognizable, majestic pieces of music to mark the occasion: the Jurassic Park theme song. Whether or not this was timed with the recent release and projected success of Jurassic World is unknown (considering both are movies by Universal Pictures, my guess is that it was very much known), but it works. It works very well. Playing the Jurassic Park theme song during any moment of overwhelming inspiration will always work.

After 22 years, John Williams's glorious fanfare has achieved something that no other movie theme song has achieved: it has skyrocketed to number one on the Billboard charts. You heard that right: this 83-year-old composer has taken the crown for song of the summer. Here are some reasons why it is way better than anything else on the radio right now.

It's Prime For A Capella Cosplay

The Warp Zone on YouTube

It's the only song of summer that is perfect for a capella cosplay.

It Works Even When You Take It Slow

If you try slowing a Beyonce song 1000 percent, it wouldn't be as beautiful as this.

It Really "Roars"


Katy Perry’s song “Roar” is good and all, but when you add the Jurassic Park theme, it just makes more sense. Listen to the mashup here.

It's All About That Jurassic Bass

DJFusionT on YouTube

It's an appropriate summer jam to blast through your car speakers while driving with the top down and windows open. It's also a club jam appropriate for dropping it like it's hot and other necessary ratchet behavior.

It's Got That Chris Pratt Remix

No other song of the summer will receive a Chris Pratt remix as special as this.

Move over Rihanna, Madonna, and Kanye, because your summer jams have nothing on this 1993 John Williams classic.

Images: Iloura/Universal Pictures and Media Rights Capital; Giphy