The SCOTUS Obamacare Memes Are Here...

It's official: the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Obamacare — and millions of Americans are psyched. The decision signifies the continuation of the Affordable Care Act, upholding the health care subsidies needed to keep millions insured. Had the ruling been different, residents of 34 states would've lost their tax subsidies for health insurance purchased from federal exchanges. Premiums would've skyrocketed, too, and getting properly insured would be even harder. Since Thursday's ruling, everyone's been weighing in; but the Internet is (of course) responding in one of the only ways it knows how: by spreading hilarious Obamacare memes all over social media.

For the record, the King v. Burwell memes I've seen floating around so far are surprisingly informative and, let's be honest, they're also a hilarious way to recap the lengthy court battle that's had us all on edge for months. Those who might not find the memes that amusing? The Republicans currently busy railing against the ACA. (Just a wild guess.) Already, 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls have vehemently spoken out against the ruling, with Marco Rubio taking to Twitter to rant against the SCOTUS decision, and Rick Perry going on a tear against the White House. Of course, Rubio, Perry, and their political colleagues are all doing this in the name of trying to help the People, but who are they kidding? They're also trying to reaffirm their political platforms.

But no matter — allow me to take you on a little trip through meme-land, starting with everything you need to know about the decision:

According to the many Republicans against the Obamacare decision, the fight isn't over. According to NPR, Oklahoma House Rep. Mike Ritze urged his fellow GOP members to do "everything that we can to opt out of Obamacare." Even Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent got a little firey. ("We should start calling this SCOTUS-care," he spouted — among other things.) But if the Internet taught us anything Thursday, it was this: it has no patience for angry energy against a decision that will benefit nearly seven million people:

At the end of the day, everybody wins, though. The Supreme Court has successfully helped prevent the health care system from continuing to out-price its patients, while still being available to those with so-called "pre-existing conditions." Even those who are against the Affordable Care Act can still be covered — so chill out, haters!

Yep, Obamacare even covers that.

Images: Getty, Memegenerator