15 Americana Fashion Items To Help You Celebrate The Fourth Of July In A Really Stylish And Gaudy Way

Ever since Lady Gaga's music video for "Telephone" came out in 2009, I have been dressing up for July 4th. There's something about themed dressing and getting all gussied up in 4th of July fashion and makeup that really does it for me.

While there are certainly a lot of ways to celebrate the 4th — such as watching fireworks, eating hot dogs, and spending the day off from work finishing Orange Is The New Black — if you want to go the fashion route, you're gonna need a little red, white, and blue inspiration. I have been known to have flag designs on my nails while wearing a red, white, and blue outdoor fence bow as a top and a big Jem and the Holograms-esque star drawn on my face. Like I said, I really love themed dressing.

As I began looking for less DIY options and more pre-made pieces, I quickly saw that there was no shortage of flag-themed items available on the market. From shoes to scrunchies, there's a little something to fit everyone's eclectic tastes — provided that they aren't afraid to get a little cheesy in the process. I tried to keep the items a little gaudy, a little classic retro, and most importantly, very obnoxiously red, white, and blue.

Sequin Fanny Pack

I’m not gonna lie, this pick is a little indulgent for my admittedly ’80s inspired sensibilities, but nothing says, “Let’s take a bus trip to Atlantic City for the weekend,” quite like a sequin fanny pack.

Sequin Fanny Pack USA Flag Stars & Stripes, $21,


With one part red and white stripes and one part blue and white stars, this patriotic handmade headband is perfect for celebrating the Fourth in style.

American Flag Headband, $25,


A few years ago, I was on the hunt for “fleggings” also known as flag leggings. This pair of plus size leggings would’ve definitely satisfied my need. They fit sizes 14-20 and look strikingly similar to the pair worn recently by Nicki Minaj.

Twisted American Flag Leggings, $25,

Tassel Garlands

OK, so maybe you don’t necessarily want to dress yourself in red, white, and blue, but you still want to deck out your house for your July 4th BBQ. This tassel garland lends itself to one adorable backdrop as you say, “Ketchup or mustard?” to your party guests.

Patriotic Party Tassel Garland, $39,

Bodycon Dress

What else says spending my July 4th at the club like a flag print bodycon dress?

American Flag Print Bodycon Dress, $23,

Chunky Platforms

I am already very pro-platform this summer so add a flag print and I am beyond sold.

American Flat Print Chunky Lug Sole Ankle Strap Heels, $37,

Acid Wash Cut Off Jean Shorts

This Etsy designer takes old Levi’s, distresses them, and sews on the flag print — DIY done for you.

Highwaisted Acid Wash American Flag Denim Shorts, $50,


Just because you plan on spending the holiday in the pool, this bikini gives you no excuse for straying from the July 4th theme.

Swim Sexy Vintage Americana Halter Twist Front Bikini, $41,


This red, white, and blue wallet is the perfect place to keep all your dead presidents.

Red White Blue Squares Printed Wallet, $10,

Bucket Hat

This 10.Deep bucket hat will help you look anything but corny if you are trying to participate in the theming and don’t want to sacrifice your cool factor in the process.

SP15 Thompson Bucket Hat, $40,

Bell Bottoms

These black and white stretch-fit bell bottoms are a perfect homage to ’70s Americana fashion.

Rokoko Skinny Flare Pants In American Flag Print Co-ord, $51,

Sequin Blouse

Stars and stripes don’t have to be red, white, and blue to get your point across. I think this sequin blouse has a lot to say all on its own.

Sequinned American Flag Shirt, $327,


These socks are flag free but yet so obviously representative of all of the red, white, and blue feels.

Land of Linked In Socks, $12,


Tie your hair back with this flag-themed scrunchie during that family badminton game that your dad will inevitably force you to play.

Printed Cotton Scrunchie, $6,


July 4th is really all about the food so wear your American pie pride right around your neck with this adorable necklace.

American Pie Necklace, $11,