15 Americana Fashion Items To Help You Celebrate The Fourth Of July In A Really Stylish And Gaudy Way

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Ever since Lady Gaga's music video for "Telephone" came out in 2009, I have been dressing up for July 4th. There's something about themed dressing and getting all gussied up in 4th of July fashion and makeup that really does it for me.

While there are certainly a lot of ways to celebrate the 4th — such as watching fireworks, eating hot dogs, and spending the day off from work finishing Orange Is The New Black — if you want to go the fashion route, you're gonna need a little red, white, and blue inspiration. I have been known to have flag designs on my nails while wearing a red, white, and blue outdoor fence bow as a top and a big Jem and the Holograms-esque star drawn on my face. Like I said, I really love themed dressing.

As I began looking for less DIY options and more pre-made pieces, I quickly saw that there was no shortage of flag-themed items available on the market. From shoes to scrunchies, there's a little something to fit everyone's eclectic tastes — provided that they aren't afraid to get a little cheesy in the process. I tried to keep the items a little gaudy, a little classic retro, and most importantly, very obnoxiously red, white, and blue.

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