The Best July 4th Makeup Inspo From Instagram

Guys, it's time to start planning your Independence Day outfit — which includes your Fourth of July-inspired makeup. You might have your quirky July Fourth tee sorted, or, if you're super organized, you may have pushed the boat out and purchased some cute Independence Day swimwear, but no holiday look is complete without a little outlandish makeup.

At the moment, despite how much I truly love it, makeup is always the last thing on my mind when planning a look for a special occasion. Over the years, I've come to realize that it's something I need to prioritize. I always end up flapping around on the day/night of the event with literally minutes to go, deciding on what makeup to wear. This usually has the horrific results of ending up a safe smoky eye or a boring, nude shadow. Shudder.

So if like me, you want to start planning your beauty looks in advance so you're not left running around like a headless chicken, here are some awesome Fourth of July inspired beauty looks straight from Instagram. There's glitter; stick on stars; and a red, white, and blue color scheme, so you're sure to find at least one look that'll perfectly compliment your pretty patriotic ensemble.

1. The Sparkling Eyes

I love a bit of sparkle in my life. Actually, I would prefer if everything was glittery — which is why I'm particularly obsessed with this look. Create a canvas with a blue shade as demonstrated by @Stylistanna and then layer your glitter on top to create a dazzling effect.

2. The Patriotic Cat Eye

Everyone loves a cat eye, right? In this photo @cateye_diana shows two ideas of how to revamp the cat eye into an American flag-inspired look. Pair the top style with a cute, retro red, white, and blue bikini and the bottom with a flag inspired tee and jeans.

3. Blue Brows & Red Lips

I love this relatively simple blue brows and red lip combo. This is a really quirky, fairly dramatic look that is sure to make a statement. Just don't go itching your eyebrows or you'll end up looking like a smurf!

4. Starry Eyed

This is a really cool take on Fourth of July inspired makeup. It's striking and has a real Captain America feel about it. Why not wear a flag bandana and go the whole hog like this patriotic lady?

5. The Full Fourth Of July Face

Reinette Poisson is not afraid to be bold. This look screams, "go big or go home!" which is a great motto to have when it comes to the 4th of July fireworks displays.

6. The Color Coordinated Look

@Glamourboxfox is showing the USA how it's done in completely color coordinated makeup. She's even matched her hair, flower crown, and nails to her makeup. What a gal!

7. The Stick On Stars

I am a huge fan of anything I can stick on my face, even if it's not technically meant to go on my face. These darling silver stars are just the ticket to coming out on top on July Fourth.

Image: kuuipo1207/Flickr