20 Trendy Mirrored Sunglasses To Snap Up Before Summer's Over

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Perhaps Christina Aguilera sang it best when she soulfully cried, “When will my reflection show who I am inside?” Well, if you’re sporting a pair of mirror lens sunglasses, the day that your reflection declares to the world how fashionable you are — inside and out — has finally arrived. And it looks good, girl. Flash lenses are the coolest shades on the sidewalk right now, and they’re a street style star’s go-to for more than just the UV ray protection. When you've got your reflective shades pulled down, you're free to take in the world’s wardrobes around you for future outfit inspiration with nary a raised eyebrow from onlookers. Not to mention, they add that zip of color your closet craves in the most saturated of seasons. Shine forth with help from 20 of the trendiest mirrored frames of the summer!

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