Watch This Father And Son Dance To 'Little Einsteins' With The Most Epic Toddler Freestyle Moves You'll Ever See — VIDEO

How did you and your dad bond when you were growing up? Was it the play catch type of relationship, or was your dad insistent on learning how to French braid your hair? (To his credit, my father did both, and while his braiding skills weren't the greatest, I sincerely appreciated the effort.) This father son pair have a whole different ~dancing~ dynamic. As in, they're doing a "Little Einsteins" father son dance for bonding purposes. And yes, the entire Internet is melting over it. I'm not sure whether it's the son's pajamas that's throwing everyone over the top, or just the impressive choreography. But it's impossible to stop watching these two break it down.

As someone who is truly not a fan of children's music, or any of the shows that come along with said music, I have to say this video is the only reason to listen to "Little Einsteins". Also, this kid might have a shot at the 2028 men's gymnastics Olympic team, because he's casually bringing some self-taught handstand and cartwheel heat. It's unclear whether this whole routine was rehearsed, or they're just expert freestylers, but the coordination in this family is top notch. As are their facial expressions.

Here are a couple clips we (understandably) needed to focus on:


Look at these mad gymnast skills!


Watch the full video, but only if you're prepared to have your day brightened in ways you never thought possible:

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