Will The Twist Work If Liz Is A Twin On 'BB 17'?

Sneaky, sneaky Big Brother. It only took a few minutes for Big Brother fans on the Internet to claim that Liz Nolan, Big Brother 17 cast member, allegedly has a twin sister. Now, if that means Liz is apart of the Big Brother Twin Twist has yet to be determined. But it's likely. I was pretttttty thrilled when the Twin Twist was introduced by Julie Chen on the premiere episode of the season because it is one of my favorite twists Big Brother has done to date (Season 5). But, I worry that if Liz is the contestant that is involved in the Twin Twist on Big Brother, that her and her supposed sister Julia won't be able to pull of the biggest twist of the season.

As it was learned by Big Brother fans everywhere, Liz allegedly has a twin sister named Julia. The two women seem to be active on the Miami social scene. That probably won't make a difference to the houseguests, if Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan are the Twin Twist, since it doesn't seem like any of them keep up with who is who in Miami nightlife. But when it comes to telling these two supposed twins apart, I worry that the two women aren't identical enough to make the Twin Twist work (again, if they are the Twin Twist).

Even though I have no idea if this is Liz on the left and Julia on the right, I think this is Liz on the left and Julia on the right. Why? Because I become ridden with paranoia when Big Brother begins, and I don't think these two look like the same person. If you really dissect the photos, there's something different about them (this is someone who can tell the Olsen twins apart in a millisecond). I think it is the one on the right (maybe Julia) who has different eyes than the one on the left. Again, this could be the same person and I could be going coo-coo for FruitLoop Dinguses, but this could be a great way to introduce both women to America without us even knowing.

Then again, when you aren't staring at two posed photos of "Liz," claimed photos of Liz and Julia look pretty similar. If Big Brother manages to keep photos of the two around the house enough that houseguests become familiar with both faces, they may never catch on.

I don't even know anymore what to believe. Maybe Liz's alleged twin sister Julia isn't even related to her. Maybe it's Clay that is the twin. Dear God, please make the twin Clay.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS