Demi Announces Summery New Single

Calling all Lovatics and people in need of their 2015 summer jam: Demi Lovato's new single will be called "Cool For The Summer," and it is set to drop on July 1. Which means that come the Fourth of July, fireworks will be blazing, Americans across the country will be donning red, white and blue, and "Cool For The Summer" will be on hot weather playlists everywhere and probably blasting straight from your neighbor's backyard barbecue. #SUMMER.

"My new single is called #CoolForTheSummer and will be out July 1!!!!!" Lovato announced on her Instagram page on Thursday, June 25, using approximately nine "Hs" to accurately convey her excitement: "AHHHHHHHHH." Same, Demi Lovato. Literal same.

The "Really Don't Care" singer accompanied the very enthusiastic announcement with some seriously Miami Vice-inspired, neon-tinged single art, which depicts an oiled-up Lovato in a baby blue cutout swimsuit and wrapped in an indigo feather boa as she lounges in a beach chair on the sand. The artwork is all bright colors and vibrant images. The sunset in the background is practically blinding in its mango and watermelon hues. I'm even using summer fruit to describe this art, LOOK HOW SUMMERY IT IS. LOOK AT IT:

And though fans don't know for sure what the track will sound like, I can only assume that it is going to be insanely upbeat, maybe with a few EDM-style beats thrown in there for some real club-like summer jamz. Pair that with Demi Lovato's always on-point, belt-y vocals, and I already know that "Cool For The Summer" is going to be the kind of song that requires you to put it on full blast as you drive with the windows down. And despite the fact that my wardrobe is constantly filled with neutrals, I am all about those bold, neon shades during the summer — they instantly remind me of music festivals and freedom and brightly-colored frozen drinks. Guys, this track is seriously going to be summer in a song and I am all about it. "Cool For The Summer" is coming and I literally. cannot. wait.

Images: Giphy