Demi Lovato's New Music Is Coming This Summer, So Get Excited (But Please, Don't Have A "Heart Attack")

Vital info you need to know: Demi Lovato is releasing new music this summer. WHAT?! It's true: During her set at DigiFest NYC this past Saturday, Lovato told the roaring crowd, "It's going to be a really exciting summer for my fans. I cannot wait for you guys to hear some new music!" She cannot wait? More like we cannot wait! It's been over two years since the premiere of the "Heart Attack" hit-maker's last album, Demi, and Lovatics are starting to get restless.

So, what can we expect to hear from Lovato's new music? The 22-year-old singer recently revealed to MTV that she's "been able to explore different sounds" while recording her fifth LP, noting that she's "really proud" of what she's come up with so far. That's wonderful to hear — especially because, as you probably know, pop stars don't always have creative control over their own projects.

Fortunately, Lovato's upcoming effort will be released through Safehouse Records — the new "artist-centric" label she launched at the end of May with Nick Jonas and music executive Phil McIntyre — and it sounds like she has more freedom now than in the past. I can't wait for her to debut some fresh material.

Here's my brief "wish list" for Lovato's new album:

"Heart Attack 2.0"

When "Heart Attack" dropped in March 2013, it completely changed the way I looked at Lovato. I no longer saw her as "that Disney actress who can sing" — for the first time, I saw her as a proper pop star. I hope that her next lead single makes a similarly powerful statement.

An Unforgettable Ballad Like "Skyscraper"

"Skyscraper" features one of Lovato's most memorable (and most emotional) vocal performances to date. For me, the ballads on Demi don't quite measure up.

Another Collaboration With Cher Lloyd

I'm tired of people in the United States sleeping on spunky British pop singer Cher Lloyd! Wake up, weirdos! She's great! "Really Don't Care" — Lovato's 2013 duet with the former X Factor UK contestant — is tons of fun.

More Tracks With Rami Yacoub & Carl Falk

Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk are a famous songwriting and production duo from Sweden. Their impressive and varied discography includes songs by One Direction, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and more. The pair worked on two of Demi's best tracks — "Really Don't Care" and "Shouldn't Come Back" — and I want to hear more!

A Dance Track Like "Neon Lights"

I know the Ryan Tedder–produced "Neon Lights" isn't everybody's cup of tea, but personally, I think Lovato's voice sounds great over a pounding dance beat. Take us to the clubs again, Demetria!

Be on the lookout for more music updates from Lovato in the coming weeks.