‘The Daily Show' Month Of Zen Will Help Us Say Goodbye To Jon & Here’s What This 30-Day Farewell Will Look Like

I'm filled with dread every time I queue up last night's episode of The Daily Show on Hulu — yes, I'm a grandma and I'm already asleep by the time it airs — because I'm aware that with every passing day, we're getting closer and closer to Jon Stewart's departure from the Comedy Central series. Ever since Stewart announced earlier this year that he'd decided to leave his Daily Show desk for good, I've been incredibly preemptively sad. I know Trevor Noah is taking over and I'm sure he'll be great and all, but it's the end of an era! Thankfully, the network seems to realize that and they're giving Stewart a month-long send off, aptly titled "Your Month of Zen". Even the title is making me feel a bit choked up!

"Your Month Of Zen" will feature streams of every single episode of The Daily Show Stewart has ever done, dating all the way back to January 1999, on the Daily Show website and the Comedy Central app — a marathon that will begin on June 26 and continue until Stewart's last broadcast on August 6. In addition, Sirius XM's Comedy Central radio station will join in on the festivities from August 1 to August 3 for a "Jon Voyage" send-off. It's the very least tribute that Stewart can receive after his incredible 16 year run, but it's still not nearly enough.

Daily Show correspondents Jessica Williams, Jordan Klepper and Hasan Minhaj also banded together to write and produce a one-hour special entitled The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: News Your Own Adventure, which will air on August 2 and will also feature the winning clips from a contest which asked fans to vote on their favorite Stewart Daily Show clips from the show's run. Now we're getting somewhere!

But while these are amazing homages to Stewart's time on the series, these are just gifts from others. What about Stewart himself? Surely he'll pull out all the stops to include some unexpected elements to his final broadcasts, right? If such plans weren't already in the works, don't worry. I have a few ideas for what might be coming up.

Big Name Guests

Since it's the end of Stewart's era on The Daily Show, what better way to celebrate than by bringing on some of the biggest guests ever? Maybe Barack Obama will stop by again, or Meryl Streep (because yes, she's the biggest of the big, according to me). I'm sure there'll be some amazing guests lined up for the final weeks of the show, and I can't wait to see who turns up!

The Return Of Former Correspondents

Some amazing talent has come though the Daily Show machine over the years, from Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell to Samantha Bee and Jason Jones. They've got to come back to give Stewart a proper send-off, right? Seriously, this has to happen.

Some Seriously Cutting Humor

Why not go out with a bang by pushing the envelope when it comes to humor? Stewart's show has always been funny, but something tells me he might just go a little bit further with some of the jokes that are included. He's leaving, so why not?

Stewart's Emotional Goodbye

I'm already getting the tissues ready for when Stewart makes one of his incredibly moving, heartfelt speeches about how the show has changed his life and how much he's learned and loved the experience over the years. Can't you just hear it now? Ugh, I can't handle it, and yet I live for it.

An Official Hand-Off

Trevor Noah is likely to show up during the final broadcast to take his seat at Stewart's desk, and it'll probably be pretty awkward, especially for those of us who have pretty much grown up with Stewart. But we'll just have to embrace him and hope for the best, because that's what Stewart would want.

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