Who Were The Mercury Seven In Real Life? 'The Astronaut Wives Club' Draws Inspiration From The First American Astronauts — PHOTOS

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ABC made a good choice with Astronaut Wives Club. It's kind of the perfect summer series. Just in time for the Fourth of July, the true story of the Mercury Seven on Astronaut Wives Club is a great tribute to American optimism. I haven't been this emotional about astronauts since I was a ten year old dreaming of Space Camp. It's amazing to me that this true story has not been told like this already.

Who were the Mercury Seven in American history? They were, in fact, the first United States astronauts — all picked for their military background as test pilots. Today, we picture astronauts as STEM geniuses but back then it was more of a military operation — which makes sense considering the bravery required to fly something never flown before, as well as the importance of Space Race competition during the Cold War. In order to compete with the Soviet Union, we were trying to put a man in Outer Space and then orbit the Earth. Those were the early goals. Some of the men involved in Project Mercury made history, some didn't make it back home again. If you're enjoying the lives of their wives on The Astronaut Wives Club, let's take a look at the real life men who made them famous by crossing that final frontier.

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