Curbside App Lets You Pick Up Your Goods Without Going Into The Store, So, Lazy Shoppers, Rejoice

Let's say you're cruising down the highway on the way to the beach and realize you forget your sunglasses and an oversized hat to protect your skin. No one wants to make that pit stop at the super busy Target to grab two items that are going to send you into a rage spiral of finding parking and dealing with people who can't even seem to direct a grocery cart in the correct direction. Consider your problem is solved because curbside delivery is now available through the Curbside app.

E-commerce has still not surpassed the more traditional brick and mortar for of shopping, but it's clearly making it's way up the retail ladder. Discounted retailers like Nordstrom Rack are coming around to internet shoppers, and even high-end, heavy hitters like Chanel are going to be launching e-commerce sites. Though many still continue to rely on more tradition forms or retail therapy, minds may be changed when they check out the super convenient Curbside app.

Based in Palo Alto, the Curbside app allows users with iOS or Android devices the option to order items from retailers like Target and Best Buy online and have them waiting for delivery at the curb of the store. It's basically Applebee's Curb Side to Go for fashion— which is awesome. No more fighting for a parking spot anymore. Instead you can hop by Target, grab those shades at the curb, and the best part is that the delivery is ready for you in only 40 minutes!

Currently, the app isn't widely available. The service is currently in New York, New Jersey, and San Francisco. So, if you live in one of these cities, go ahead and order those Target flats you've been lusting after for your summer look. You won't even have to go inside for them!

Images: Curbside App (3)