Kendall Jenner Says Her Sisters Gave Her The Best Beauty Advice, Because They Made Plenty Of Mistakes In Their Day

When it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner beauty looks, Kendall Jenner might be the nitty-gritty makeup perfectionist of the family, but everything she knows, she learned from her elders. According to People, Kendall Jenner says her sisters gave her the best beauty advice. I'd say there are always advantages and disadvantages to being one of the youngest in a large family of girls, but getting knowledge passed down to you is definitely a plus that Jenner clearly is thankful for.

Jenner told People, "Kylie and I got very lucky because our sisters are years older than us…They made their beauty mistakes and then warned us." For example, while the Jenner sisters were in their pubescent stages, Kendall shares a time when, "Kylie and I...were sitting by the pool. I think we were touching each other's faces, and my sisters were like, 'Never touch your face! Never! You don't want pimples.' They told us to always keep our faces clean." As the oldest sibling in my family, who constantly says the same things to my younger siblings, I can vouch that it's great advice.

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In a family with so many girls, you would think it could get catty sometimes, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty. But based off of how fondly Jenner speaks about her sisters, it doesn't sound like that's the case. Love that Kardashian-Jenner sisterly love.

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