Bristol Palin Is Pregnant Again & Her Baby Announcement Calls Out The Internet Trolls

She really DGAF about what you think. Bristol Palin is pregnant again, and her baby announcement is in defiance of all the "trolls who have nothing better to talk about." Good for her because no one should put her down for whatever's going on in her life. Palin, whose first pregnancy sparked a firestorm of scrutiny, clearly had that experience in mind when she broke the news.

The 24-year-old announced her pregnancy on her blog under the headline "Big News," writing honestly how hesitant she was to share her pregnancy with the public. She admitted she was announcing sooner than she initially planned and was "trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one." Palin also acknowledged that the "big news" may come as a disappointment to many.

Why, you ask? Well, in case you forgot, when Palin was pregnant with her first child, Tripp, it was in the middle of her mother and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's campaign as John McCain's would-be vice president back in 2008. That pregnancy led to some serious bashing since Palin was 17 years old and wasn't married. The ordeal definitely affected public perception of her and her political mother.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This time around, Palin appeared determined to handle the public attention differently.

The baby news comes a month after Palin announced her wedding to Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer was called off. That breakup was also announced on Palin's blog. Her Thursday post didn't disclose the name of the father of her second baby, but Palin is obviously much older, wiser, and set to be in control of her own story.

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