Alessandra Ambrosio's Instagram Will Fill You With Seriously Sunglass Envy

When it comes to summer style, sunglasses are the best accessory. From the pool to a night on the town, there's no place that this accessory can't go. And Alessandra Ambrosio's sunglasses are Instagramed proof of the way summer sunnies can transform an outfit. Whether they're being worn traditionally or resting on top or your head, the accessory has the power to complete any warm weather look. It takes a brave woman to be able to pull off multiple sunglass styles in just a week, but Ambrosio showed her Instagram followers that embracing different styles is the way to fashion success. She's never afraid to try something new, which makes her the queen of summer sunnies. Although the season has just begun, this style queen shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to her warm weather accessories.

The model's latest picture shows her holding her son, but I couldn't help but be distracted from all the cuteness by her fabulous metallic sunglasses. The simple round lenses were just the right fit for the model's face. Paired with disheveled hair and natural makeup, the sunglasses were the perfect way to refine a laid back summer look.

But this isn't the only time she's given her followers sunglass envy. Ambrosio knows the power of sunglasses and makes sure to always have the accessory on hand. From coordinating with her besties to taking fabulous travel selfies, she shows her followers that the right sunglasses are key to a winning look.

1. Shining bright

What's not to love about these metallic sunglasses? With cheetah rims and shiny lenses, this model brought her all-white outfit to life.

2. Casually clad

For some casual rooftop relaxing, Ambrosio choose a traditional pair of dark lenses sunnies. The glasses gave her brightly colored bathing suit some time to shine.

3. Traveling trendy

This model never forgets her sunnies, especially when traveling. She completed her fabulous Michael Kors look with a pair of equally as trendy sunglasses.

4. Traditional with a twist

Ambrosio stuck to a traditional aviator with a modern twist when it came to her summer selfie. The Gucci shades are the perfect way to switch up a classic trend.

5. Head-to-toe accessories

Even with both arms full of bracelets and a statement necklace, this model found room for her favorite summer accessory. She toned down the sunnies to let her other accessories have a chance in the spotlight.

6. Keeping it classic

The king and queen of sunglasses combined for one fabulous selfie in their classic aviators, showing that a great shape will never go out of style.

7. Evening accessory

She might not wear her sunglasses at night, but she shows how the accessory can look just as great on an outfit as they do worn traditionally.

8. Making a splash

Taking her summer sunnies into the water, her metallic shades were perfect for making a statement as she made a splash.

9. Matching metallics

The only thing that makes her Coachella style even better is when all her friends join in on the fun. The ladies all brought their personal style to the table with their metallic summer accessories.

Images: Alessandra Ambrosio/Instagram (9)