6 Touching Quotes From The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Opinion That Will Make You Cry Even More

On Friday, morning the Supreme Court handed down a long-awaited ruling that has made same-sex marriage legal across the United States. This historic ruling is the result of a battle for equality fought tirelessly by LGBTQ activists, politicians, and everyday people who have committed themselves to the pursuit of equality. This is truly an historic day for the LGBTQ community, and for the nation. The decision, which, as you'd expect, is riddled with beautiful lines about gay marriage, is significant in its symbolism, but also in the very practical ways that it will increase the quality of life of so many couples and families.

Having heard and ruled on several cases pertaining to same sex marriage rights over the years, SCOTUS has become very familiar with the plight of those who have arrive to their court, seeking rights, benefits, and recognition that have previously been denied. It is clear from the ruling that the Justices who voted to approve this legislation have taken the stories they have heard to heart, and in many cases were profoundly moved by what they heard. While the ruling is carefully crafted to represent the logic and case precedents that led to the ruling, SCOTUS also made comments that reflect the very human and emotional aspect of this issue.

Some of what they wrote is downright beautiful.

The Fundamental Right To Marry

The ruling itself, in black and white and plain English. This is the decision our nation has been waiting for.

Profound Commitment

SCOTUS, like all of us, have heard over and over that the legalization of same sex marriage will somehow harm the very institution of marriage. Well, the highest court in the land now says that this is not a mission of destruction but one of legitimate desire and need.

Joined By Its Bond

Telling the nation what we should already know: same sex couples want to get married for the same reasons anyone does; marriage and the bond it represents is important to them, and is a decision they want to make for their lives.

Dimensions Of Freedom

Here, the Court acknowledges that the shifting nature of marriage has only added to the strength and value of the institution, as these changes allow for more of our society to be treated with dignity, and to have the right to pursue the life they desire for themselves.

Symbolic Recognition

This is, of course, more than just a practical consideration about tax benefits and legal ceremonies. The symbolism behind this decision is immense, in that it has shifted the conversation about LGBTQ rights such that opponents of equality can no longer appeal to laws to justify their hate. Slowly but surely, bigotry is being torn down.

Something Greater Than They Once Were

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