This Quote From The Supreme Court's Decision About Marriage Being "Greater Than Just The Two Persons" Proves The Ruling Is About Love, Plain & Simple

Many of us are probably so overwhelmed with good feelings today that the prospect of another reason to smile is almost too much to bear, but the Supreme Court declaring bans on gay marriage illegal is a momentous occasion. I think you can handle being overwhelmed by feels. In fact, if you take a moment to read some choice quotes from the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage bans, the feels will be inevitable. One quote, in particular, stands out as a perfect expression of what the decision truly means, not just for gay Americans, but for all Americans.

Its dynamic allows two people to find a life that could not be found alone, for a marriage becomes greater than just the two persons.

The quote above refers to marriage, and the way that it allows two people to build a life. Note the language: Two people. Any two people. The quote, while simple, packs in everything we need to know about this landmark decision and in a way that is veritably poetic.

The concept that this decision allows any two people to find a "life that could not be found alone" gets to the heart of what marriage truly is: It's not a piece of paper. It's not about a ceremony. It's not about the word itself, or even a strict definition of that word. Marriage is about creating a life. About creating happiness. About finding something that is beyond changing one's last name to their partner's or agreeing to cherish one another "until death do us part."

It's about love, plain and simple. And now that the Supreme Court has declared that no state can ban same-sex couples from joining in marriage, everyone can find that "life that could not be found alone." That's something that everyone can celebrate, regardless of who you love.

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