Arnold Schwarzenegger's Response To SCOTUS' Gay Marriage Ruling: "It's A Great Celebration For America"

It's a huge day for America. On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage rights, meaning everyone in the United States can now marry! In all 50 states, gay and lesbian couples can legally wed. It's a giant victory for love and human rights, to be sure. And the former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger — often referred to as the "Governator" thanks to his starring roles in the Terminator franchise — agrees. The Republican politician spoke out in favor of the decision during the press day for Terminator Genisys on Friday, saying, "When it comes to the supreme court, I'm very happy they made the right decision."

"Being in California, of course we're always a step ahead. We made that decision already a long time ago," he says. "Our supreme court of California said it is unconstitutional to deny people, gay or same sex couples, marriage. Everyone has equal rights. This is the right way to go," he says. "Sometimes I have to say that the judges and judicerary system makes better decisions than the politicians. Sadly they [don't] really have the balls sometimes to work together on those issues."

The supportive sentiments may come as a surprise to some, as the former Governor has infamously spoken these confusing words about gay marriage in the past, uttering these words in 2003: "I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman." Since then, however, the action star claims to have performed at least two gay marriages while in office, and in 2008, the legalization of same-sex marriage was passed in California during his second term in office.

Regardless of his once confusing stance, his opinion now is clear: "It's a great celebration for America," he says. And he couldn't have said it any better.