Aw, Kardashian Solidarity, Kind Of?

Yesterday the world made a whole big fuss because one of the younger Kardashian-Jenner ladies posted a picture with (*le gasp!*) her nipples visible. Today, sister Khloe Kardashian is complimenting Kendall Jenner's now-famous "nipple photo." And not even mentioning the nipple part!

"Gorgeous @KendallJenner!!!," she wrote on twitter Tuesday evening. "High fashion! Model your booty off and show them how its done!!! Major Model Moment!"

It's all a nice reminder to the world that, yes, they did just witness a woman's nipples, and yes, those nipples to belong to a rather young woman. But she is also a young woman who is 1) not a minor and 2) is a professional model. You know, the type who are often quite used to the world seeing their bodies in a whole lotta different and revealing ways?

I wrote yesterday about the Kardashian-Jenner family and Kendall Jenner's possible future therein, and Khloe Kardashian's reaction to her sister's nipple-baring model shot plays pretty much precisely into what I predicted the family's reaction to be: Support and adoration.

As I mentioned before, the Kardashian's, for all their (many) flaws, do not seem to share the rest of America's puritan aversion to things like nipples. Which is kind of weirdly refreshing. Especially considering that, like, the vast majority of all of humankind is in possession of nipples, so it's in general kind of weird that we make half the population hide theirs and then question their moral fortitude when they don't.