Louboutin Adds 7 New Shades To His Nude Collection

If Carrie Bradshaw really did exist, she'd be giddy squealing right now. The world famous red-soled shoe label Christian Louboutin has officially added seven new nude tones and two more styles to its collection, as reported in Refinery29. Let legs everywhere rejoice!

Christian Louboutin released the initial capsule collection in 2013, which was a total skyrocket success. He announced the new additions this past April, and now they can officially find a home in your (dream) closet this August. The designer told NYMag he came to the decision to expand the line in April because he wanted the collection's "palette to feel wholly inclusive of women of all races and ethnicities."

Though, admittedly, a wider variety of nude shoe options should've happened ages ago, I admire Louboutin for taking steps to make it happen. It's about time.

As for the new styles, the two additions practically beg for nights out (no word on how comfy they are, though!). "Deepik" is a scalloped-edge peep-toe stiletto, and "Dorissima" is a classic pump. I love how either of these could be completely dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Given how quickly Louboutin's adding new shades and styles, who knows what the next year will bring for the collection! Even if these shoes are totally out of your budget, you can still admire how elegantly awesome they are and support Louboutin's progressive move. Maybe they'll magically go on sale soon. A girl can dream, right?

Image Credit: LouboutinWorld/Instagram