'Veronica Mars' 4 President

By Kaitlin Reilly

It's no secret that Veronica Mars is one of the best people in Neptune, CA. The bar isn't exactly high — murderers, rapists, and just general jerks seem to run rampant in this town. Private investigator Veronica Mars reigns supreme in so many ways, and though she's certainly one of the best that Neptune has to offer, she's not only awesome when she's inside this bubble. Veronica is one of the coolest TV girls I know, and in lieu of that second Veronica Mars movie, I've started building her future plans for her. And I have one thing to say to this TV gal: Veronica Mars, you should be the president.

Well, at least she should run the fictional United States of America that we are introduced to in the world of Veronica Mars. In this world, there's absolutely no one more capable of leadership, so I'm quite surprised that the subject is never brought up. Veronica may be comfy-cozy in her private investigator's office (at least, that's what it seemed at the end of the long-awaited Veronica Mars Movie), but I think that there's one spot she could easily move to, and that's the White House. Here's why Veronica needs to consider running for office in a few years, because if there's one thing this country needs, it's a Marshmallow in Chief.

1. She Knows How To Delegate

When Veronica can't get her hands on important information, she turns to her trusty pal Wallace, who knows how to get things done. If Veronica takes office, she'd better make sure that Wallace is Secretary Of State. He has all that office aid experience — I'm sure he'll easily make the move to politics.

2. She Knows How To Diffuse Any Situation

Remember how the PCH biker gang was, well, a big ol' mean gang? Veronica somehow managed to not only diffuse tensions between the group and its enemies, but also make great friends with the leader, Weevil.

3. Even Her Enemies Respect Her

Logan loathes Veronica for half of Season 1 for standing by her father after Lilly's murder investigation, but even he knew that he could trust her to take care of business when he needs his mother's death investigated.

4. She's Brilliant

And she's completely capable of outwitting any opponent.

5. Her First Husband (Come On, You Know That's Where This Is Going) Looks Great In Uniform

Because, yeah, it matters.

6. Lots Of People Owe Her Favors

You just know half of Neptune High School is going to end up in Congress. She already has a loyal following of people she's helped out of a jam... even if she does have quite a few enemies in there as well.

7. She's A Badass Feminist

No one can bully this President into doing anything she didn't think was right for the country. Plus, you just know she'd can step things up in the gender equality arena, because, duh, she's Veronica and doesn't stand for any patriarchal BS.

Well, she already has my vote.

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