If Veronica Mars Had An Instagram, It Would Definitely Look Like This — PHOTOS

I'll admit, things have been exceedingly better in my life since I've been introduced to Veronica Mars, the sharp-tongued protagonist of the gone-but-never-forgetton neo-noir TV show of the same name. When the Kickstarter for a Veronica Mars movie popped up years back, my heart (and wallet) grew significantly lighter, and that movie filled a void in my life... but it's not enough. I miss Veronica Mars every day, and honestly, things would be so much better if I had a little window into her current life... if only if Veronica Mars had an Instagram.

Well, if only if she had an Instagram and was real, because the two things go hand in hand. And while I have no control over the latter problem, I think I speak Veronica's language well enough to know what her Instagram would look like. As with everything else in her life, she would absolutely kill it on social media with her sarcasm and boundless wit. There wouldn't be anything super gratuitous and annoying either, it's not her style.

So because you're curious and I'm obsessed with this show, here's what I think would be on our favorite blonde super sleuth's Instagram. (Beware — there are a few tiny spoilers are ahead if you haven't seen the Veronica Mars movie yet!)

1. Adorable #TBTs

Veronica loved this shot, and thought it would make for the perfect throwback. First of all, this picture is so 2004. Like, that choker necklace? Classic. Second of all, it feels like the right, lighthearted image to rebrand herself back to being a wisecracking private eye for hire.

2. Homages to her friends as thanks for all her freeloading

Piz snapped this shot from the Neptune High reunion before the reunion, you know, took a disastrous turn and reminded Veronica why she left Neptune in the first place. Maaaaaaybe people can tell from the picture that Veronica was a little less than happy to be there. Oh well. Credit where credit is due, setting up her life in California has been exponentially easier with her friends around — you know, much like solving everyday gang crimes and teen homicides has been made exponentially easier by the help of her friends.

3. Occasionally sappy posts... with sass, of course

We all know Veronica loves her father Keith Mars to the ends of the earth and back, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to publicly showing affection, she is more wont to take the sassy road. Besides, she kind of misses her old haircut, because that short choppy 'do was MUCH easier to deal with. Still very 2004, though.

4. Occasional nods to Logan, because she really does miss him

Veronica does not call Logan "Pumpkin"... not seriously, anyway. It's hard to make things work with the whole him-being-off-in-a-different-country thing, but every once in a while she'll post something, just to let him know he's on her mind. Generally PDA grosses her out, hence nary a single sincere Instagram — but on the other hand, their love is epic.

Images: Warner Bros., Warner Bros./Mary Grace Garis (4)