Jim Edmonds Deserves More 'RHOC' Screen Time

by Kayla Hawkins

The newest star of Real Housewives of Orange County is Meghan King Edmonds, but it's really Meghan's husband, baseball star Jim Edmonds who should have more RHOC screentime. Not only would it be fascinating to meet and spend more time with this former professional baseball player (he's best known for his time on Meghan and Andy Cohen's hometown team, the St. Louis Cardinals), but RHOC has always had a special interest in the Real Househusbands of the cast. And Jim would seemingly fit right in, with his love of a vacation, a drink, and Meghan, who's no stranger to a sharp-tongued comment or an off-color joke, two things that make for major feuds on Real Housewives. Already, the equally dramatic Tamra has become instant BFFs with her.

Even though Vicki, Heather, and Tamra are the stars of the show, one of the original OC stars was Slade Smiley — who started the show engaged to Jo, eventually jumping from Real Housewife to Real Housewife until being chopped from the cast two years ago. But, since then, other significant others in the OC have taken up Slade's mantle and become reality stars in their own right. So far during this season, we haven't gotten too much dude drama yet, but don't be quick to forget last season. David, Shannon Beador's husband, and Terry, Heather Dubrow's husband, got into several huge screaming matches over a perceived sexualized comment, while Brooks Ayers ruined girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson's friendships wherever he went. Hopefully, Jim will be a more positive force on the show, but there are plenty of reasons why he should get more of a spotlight in upcoming episodes.

1. The Edmonds' Marriage Is Still Very New

When the tenth season was being filmed, Meghan still hadn't even changed her name from Meghan O'Toole King yet. Obviously, since then, she's made a switch to Meghan King Edmonds, but that's just one of many issues that will surely come up as they get to know one another even better. More drama = better TV!

2. He's In The Restaurant Business

Jim owns several restaurants, including the St. Louis restaurant and venue StL15. That's the perfect place to host the season-ending party.

3. He Makes Corny Jokes

He'll fit right in with Terry!

4. He Travels Frequently For Work

Right now, he's splitting his time between St. Louis and California, while Meghan just promised on the show that she was finally a full-time California girl. You know what that means: a perfect opportunity to take the Housewives to Middle America!

5. He's Almost 15 Years Older Than His Wife

30-year-old Meghan is 14 years younger than 44-year-old Jim. That makes for a generational clash that will surely be hilarious as they work it out.

6. He Loves A Drink, But Not A Fancy One

If Meghan is going to be hosting charity events, everyone in attendance will be sipping on Stoli or pouring out "champs." Jim's more of a Bud Light man, and I look forward to many horrified reactions from the rest of the cast.

7. He Takes Sides

When Shannon offended Meghan with the charity cell phone call scandal (it's a small scandal, but for so early into the season, it's still a big deal), Jim immediately jumped to his wife's defense. That means there's a good chance he'll, say, misinterpret an innocuous comment and claim Tamra shouldn't be invited to someone's costume party.

8. He Loves Spending Time With His Kids

I love a good father-daughter moment on a RH show.

9. He's Already A TV Star

Jim's been on TV plenty of times before, not just because he was a major league baseball player, but because he's now a commentator on FOX Sports, so he shouldn't have any problem sharing his opinion on RHOC. Bottom line: We NEED to hear more from Jim Edmonds this season.