Could 'Scream's New Killer Be A Team Again?

by Alice Walker

It hasn't even premiered yet and MTV's newest show Scream is already one of the most talked about summer series. It's also one of the season's riskier shows, since the original Scream is a complete classic and all of the sequels (though they've never been able to recapture the magic of the first movie) at least followed Sidney Prescott. This show isn't even set in Woodsboro and there hasn't been a hint of Scream-queen Neve Campbell making an appearance, so we know we're working with something totally different here. But the basic premise of a town being terrozied by a masked man with a knife is still there, so the question remains, who is the killer on Scream? I mean, this is still part of the Scream-franchise, so we can rest assured that there will be tons of creepy murders to go around, courtesy of whoever is behind the Ghostface mask.

Just how much murder? A-freaking-ton if the Scream trailers are any indication. Obviously it is far too early to tell with any certainty who is attacking the students of Lakewood, but not too early to speculate! Right now my money is on the characters Jake and Will as the killers. It kind of fits, they are the cool guy dream team. I mean, just look at this character video of the jocks:

Handsome, athletic, and the classic cool guys, they could very easily be hiding in plain sight. Plus, Will is main character Emma's boyfriend (at least he is when the series opens) and you know you can never, ever trust the sweet "good natured" boyfriend. And then there's Jake, who is described as "having a crush on Brooke but seems to take her careless rejection of him in stride." Taken it in stride, or launched a murderous rampage? Yeah, I'm guessing that latter. I'm watching you Jake.

I know that the TV series is diverging a lot from the movies, but it still seems like the perfect homage to have the killers be a pair. One of the best parts of the first Scream (um, 19-year-old spoiler alert) was when cool guy Billy was actually working with funny kid Stuart to kill people, effectively being in two places at once. Sure, in the TV series they could have "the clown" as the other killer (that would be Noah Foster, who is the geek/nerd/sidekick all rolled into one), but something tells me Scream will want to keep the comic relief.

Now, this is all pure speculation, but I've got a good feeling (er, bad feeling) about Will and Jake. So everyone keep your eyes on them as Scream gets going, and we'll see who the last one standing really is.

Image: MTV