MTV's 'Scream' Looks Seriously Scary

There were a lot of sneak peeks shown during the MTV Movie Awards. Pitch Perfect 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Paper Towns, all of these highly anticipated movies dropped exclusive previews to get fans even more excited. But there was another special trailer that may not have been come with quite as much hype as the movies that preceded it, but totally stole the show. MTV released a preview of Scream , its new series that yes, is based on the 1996 slasher flick. If anyone out there had doubts about the classic horror movie being remade as a TV show, I think they were effectively quashed with the Scream clip that Bella Thorne introduced at the MTV Movie Awards.

Thorne stars in the TV series, and the clip opens on her walking through her dark house, playing music from her iPhone (so yes, the TV series brings Scream into the present and updates the technology accordingly). She receives a text as she gets into a hot tub, and after hearing someone that she believes to be the same guy who texted her, is horrified when a FREAKING DEAD BODY is thrown into the hot tub beside her. And so the craziness begins.

The rest of the Scream preview shows plenty of scares, dark rooms, blood, and of course, screams. It definitely proves that despite moving from the big screen to television, this version of Scream will not be going easy on viewers. If anything, its weekly format may just leave room for even more screams, and what always follows: gruesome deaths. Watch the full preview below.

Image: MTV