Jacksonville Airport Embraces Body Diversity With Awesome Bathroom Signs

Because no one is shaped like a triangle with a circle on top, Jacksonville Airport's bathroom signs represent women and men of all shapes and sizes (well, apparently, some non-human figures as well – is that a comma on the left side?).

The signs have been around for a few years now but since Redditor vull posted a photo of it a few weeks ago it's been making the internet rounds. Gregor Turk, who created the signs, explains:

The entryways to a pair of restrooms [...] were commissioned by the airport and completed in 2008. The one-foot tiles feature 68 unique pictograms. [...] The pictograms used as a source for this installation come from Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Syria, and the United States.

Whether it was simple body positivity or just a move to make the airport's diverse international community feel at home, the JAX sign is just plain awesome. The power of such a simple sign shouldn't be underestimated either: seeing body diversity actually makes us more comfortable with diverse bodies (although Turk probably should have considered getting some breasts in there).

JAX gets a whole lot of points for body diversity, but there's still a ways to go in the world of public restrooms. Next up, some body-diversity-celebrating gender-neutral bathrooms that make everyone feel safe in a public restroom.

Image: Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

Image: Mrs. Chardonnary/Flickr