This Baby Is A Better Rock Climber Than You

It's Monday. We've already been awake for far too long, and we're either sitting at home praying that air conditioners will magically appear in our windows or we're sitting in an office cursing central air. There's really no winning with this day. So the best we can tell you is that there is a rock climbing baby, and hopefully you will forget your air conditioning woes for at least one minute and 54 seconds while you watch this adorable child do her thing. (While I'm a little disheartened by how many likes a baby can get on her Facebook page, I must admit that her skills are second to none.)

Baby Ellie Farmer is 20 months old and is from a family of climbers. According to CNN, Ellie even went climbing with her mother while she was pregnant. She got a REALLY early start. Her father, Zak Farmer, told CNN, "She's really been part of the climbing community since birth. When she was first opening her eyes, she was at the gym, seeing climbers climb."

Because she's still a baby, her personality changes on almost a weekly basis. Her parents say her climbing has the typical ups and downs, as does her daily life. For the most part, Ellie loves to climb and her parents will monitor her safety (her mother is a nurse) and will help Ellie keep climbing as long as she loves it. Ellie has been taking the world by storm on Facebook—her page has 30,000 likes already. Here's the rock climbing babe:

And here's the full video of Ellie rock climbing:

There are a few adorable snap shots from Ellie's page (The Little Zen Monkey) that you need to see:


This family is too active for me.

Images: LittleZenMonkey/Facebook; YouTube(2)