Japanese Bathrooms Are Insanely Cooler Than Ours

What do you know about life in other countries? Sure, you can go visit an entirely new place, but it will never be the same as actually living in a foreign country. There are simple things, like using public restrooms, riding the metro, or going out to lunch, that you only acclimate to after spending a certain amount of time in a country. Life Where I'm From, a YouTube channel with 5,000 subscribers, features an adorable elementary school girl, Aiko, living in Japan. Her latest video is reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the best. And for the fact that it’s literally a video about bathrooms, she pulls it off as pretty damn cute. The fact that she’s about 12 years younger than I am and speaks 12 times more eloquently on camera is pretty impressive too.

Aiko’s video channel describes life in Japan as a young girl. And the videos are honest and informative, while still being the most precious form of education on YouTube. Her channel takes us through Japanese garden customs, washing dishes in Japan, and, of course, the many perks of Japanese bathrooms. (No, really, Japanese bathrooms are stacked with perks.)

Here are 12 things you didn’t know about Japanese bathrooms:

1. They're sectioned off.

In total, three people can use a Japanese bathroom at once.

2. There's a spray wand in the sink.

3. You wash your body before entering the bath tub, using a sprayer.

To pregame your bath.

4. And then you can use the sprayer to spray everywhere.

Like, if you want. It's recommended.

5. There's special bathtub powder.

6. The water stays hot using a control panel.

7. In the case of a bathtub emergency, there's a button you can press.

8. And you can casually call people from the bath tub.

9. And you can control the bath tub from the kitchen.

Because that's the dream.

10. You can use the bath water to wash your clothes.

11. Then you can dry clothes in the bathroom.

12. Oh, and there's a sink behind the toilet.

Watch the full video and let Aiko start your Japanese education off right:

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