Shay Mitchell's 'Seventeen' Cover Is About Brows

There are strong eyebrows and then there are strong eyebrows — I've learned that much from Cara Delevingne. But Pretty Little Liars beauty Shay Mitchell covers Seventeen and nails two trends of different seasons for the August 2015 issue. One of those trends is the bold, defined brow.

The actress boasts some seriously groomed and strong brows and a reverse French mani in blue and white. So yeah, she literally "nailed" a totally summery trend. Mitchell is actually known for her nail art and she often provides endless inspo for your digits with her fun looks.

But you know what? I thought that by now, the full brow would have started to taper off — no pun! I expected some other brow look and depth to swoop in and take its place. But it's not going to happen and full brows aren't going anywhere. If anything, they are becoming more dominant and prevalent on the runway and IRL.

Mitchell's cover finds her wearing soft makeup tones, thanks to a shimmery brown smoky eye, warm bronzer on her cheeks, and some rosy lipstick. But it's her brows that really set it off.

Then, the reverse white and sky blue mani adds a pop of color amid all of those neutral colors that define her makeup.

Mitchell is all brows and nails. I love that her digits break up some of the richness of her makeup, her hair color, and, well, her brows! She is the perfect balance of fun and serious, thanks to her makeup.

While nails are usually Mitchell's forte, how about these five other times her brows were on fleek?

1. Cara Who?

Nevermind the Cokes! It's all about those brows.

2. Seriously, Did Someone Say Cara?

I think the fact that they are thick from stem to stern is what makes them so amazing. There is no tapering or thinning at the outer ends.

3. Lucy Who?

Mitchell's PLL co-star Lucy Hale is universally recognized for her brows. But she may have passed the crown to Mitchell.

4. Defying the Elements

Not even water can mess with those brows.

5. Supreme Thickness

Seriously! The thicker, the better.

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Images: Seventeen (1); Shay Mitchell/Instagram (5)