Celebrate Shark Week In 'Jaws' Inspired Style

I got so caught up in the approach of the 4th of July that I almost totally forgot about Shark Week. The Discovery Channel's Shark Week begins on the 5th of July and I wanted to mark the occasion by sharing some shark love with Jaws inspired fashion. Sharks get a really bad deal and unfortunately this may have been caused by the fearsome, great white shark depicted in the Jaws series and other more recent "killer" shark movies, such as Deep Blue Sea and The Reef.

However, sharks need protecting just as much as the other ocean creatures that we tend to favor (such as dolphins), and they need us to put aside our media-driven fears to lend them a helping fin. Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart created Sharkwater, a documentary that exposes shark hunting and brings to light issues such as the increasing popularity of shark-fin soup in Asia. It is obvious that we need sharks to maintain our oceanic ecosystems, yet Shark Savers state on their website that "many shark species are already nearing extinction." The extinction of sharks is what we should be afraid of, not sharks themselves.

So let's raise some shark awareness and wear shark inspired attire with pride to kick off Shark Week.

1. The Shark Week T–Shirt

Shark Week Girls T-Shirt, $17,

Spell it out for everyone with this cool, graphic tee. Follow the model's fashion example by pairing with a red lip and some skinny jeans and complete the look with a red, pointed toe heel to look totally fierce this Shark Week.

2. The Jaws Skirt

Beware Of Sharks! Full Skirt, $46,

Go for a classic Jaws inspired skirt to exude cool, summer vibes. This skirt is a great talking point and you can bond with others over your love of this cult film, while also helping to educate them on the need to protect our world's sharks.

3. The Bathing Beauty Swimsuit

Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit In Shark, $90,

Become a bathing beauty in this delightful, plus size, shark print swimsuit and prove that humans and sharks come in all beautiful shapes and sizes!

4. The Classy Shark Cardigan

Sourpuss Shark Attack Cardigan, $48,

Do you have an interest in sharks and love traditionally ladylike fashion? Well now you can combine your two loves with this super cool, shark embroidered cardigan.

5. The Sharky Midi Dress

Trapeze Midi Dress Shark Print, approx. $87,

Look and feel cool in this fin-tastic trapeze dress. If you're a super shark fan, you can go all out and complete the look with a pair of Shark Print Leggings and a Graphic Kimono in the same shark print, all by The White Pepper.

6. The Shark Socks

Shark-Patterned Crew Socks, $3,

These shark socks are the epitome of adorable. The cartoony shark and the baby pink shade will ensure you have the cutest tootsies in the land.

7. The Shark Shoes

Skarkie Grey Shoes, $100,

These flats have got to be the most eccentrically edgy shoes in the seven seas! The little shark face adds a touch of whimsy and the inner, scarlet shade gives a nod to Jaws and other shark horror movies.

8. The Shark Bait Dress

Sourpuss Shark Bait Skater Dress, $44,

Feel like the queen of the ocean in this gorgeous, shark print dress. Its pattern is totally retro and will add a kitsch kick to your wardrobe this summer. Put on your pearls and a pair of powder blue Mary Jane shoes and you'll look like a nautical pinup girl — hello sailor!

9. The Shark Splash Tank

On Your Shark, Get Set, Go! Top, $21,

If you loved Jaws, you'll love this top. Get a bite of the action in this realistic shark splash tank.

10. The Shark Nails

Shark Attack Nail Decals, $8,

Channel the magnificent shark from head to toe with these awesome shark nail decals, which include 52 separate decals. With that many, you could show your love of sharks every week of the year! The set includes designs of hammerhead sharks, basking sharks, and more so you'll never be stuck for any creative shark-spiration.

11. The Sharkini

Sharkini Sexy Shark Monokini, $40,

Head to the beach in this fabulous "sharkini". It's a unique design which is sure to turn heads this summer. Be sure to leave your fake fins at home as you don't want to be terrifying the general public. The creator says it's, "Perfect for Shark Week" and if that's what the designer says, well we best get ordering one quick.Images: Giphy; Courtesy Brands