Sarah Stage Responds To Photoshop Rumors

by Kali Borovic

One model has been accused of Photoshopping her post-baby pic, but she's taken to social media to quiet the haters. Sarah Stage responded to those Photoshop rumors by doing what every model does best — posting more pictures to show her followers that she's got a whole lot of confidence and nothing to hide.

In a world where people more often have their go-to insta filter than a collection of #nofilter photos, I guess it would make sense that a model would have Photoshopped her image. But why would a women who has been honest since the beginning, even when it was hard, want to hide anything now? She's proved that she has the confidence to back up her selfies, edited or no, and that confidence morphed into some serious mommy positivity since her little bundle of joy was born.

Stage takes pride in color coordinating outfits with her baby and even breastfeeds in public, so why would she start hiding things now? There's no reason. She shows that she's not afraid to do it all with her Instagram filled with photos of her son as well as her totally-toned self. And for all of those trying to catch her off her confident game, she's devoted her #nofilter photo to you. Stage 1, Haters 0.

Take a look at her flawless response below:

Her latest photo isn't the only one that makes a statement. Her social media is filled with just as many pictures of intimate moments between her and her son as it is her flawless bikini pics, showing that she's not afraid to rock her confidence full circle. This model can pull off a stroller just as well as a pair of sunnies, and she isn't slowing down any time soon.

1. Going for a casual stroll

Stage is a model and the world is her stage. She shows the best of both worlds as she pushes a stroller in her bright red heels.

2. Sharing intimate moments

Sure, the model may have a lot of posed bikini pics on her social media, but her more intimate, less make-up moments are just as popular.

3. Breastfeeding

Stage is confident with herself and has no problem sharing these special, real life moments with her followers.

4. Trying new accessories

A good model knows the power of accessories, and Stage is no different. Plus, she shows that she rocks night-out sneakers just as well as a pair of heels.

5. Color coordinating

No matter how busy her schedule, Stage loves to find time to color coordinate with her little man.

Image: Sarah Stage/Instagram