15 Signs You Have A Cool Mom, Not A Regular Mom

Lorelai Gilmore, Claire Dunphy, and Tami Taylor are great, I guess, but there is one on-screen mom who makes them all seem like measly, unimpressive freshmen plastic wannabes, and that person, obviously, is Mrs. George, mom to the ever-flawless Regina George. This perfect specimen of human, with her affinity for velour track suits and thirst for 411, taught me all the truly meaningful things I needed to know growing up — like how happy hour is from 4 to 6, and that it's infinitely important to always have snacks nearby if you plan on hooking up. She's also the wise woman responsible for explaining ever so sagely that, at the end of the day, there are really only two types of people in this world: regular moms, and cool moms. And if there's anything I love better than a well-timed Mean Girls reference, it's an amazingly cool mom.

Of course, if I'm being honest, all moms are cool moms. Anyone who manages to not be even a little grossed out after watching you throw up on yourself over and over and over again automatically wins cool points in my book — but some moms are just ultra hip. They're not there to have a good time, they are a good time. And because these ladies are worth celebrating every single day of the year, here are 15 signs your mom isn't a regular mom, she's a cool mom.

1. She's fully fluent in emoji

While some moms still have yet to master the art of texting, your mom is throwing out emojis left and right like she invented them. She strings together those tiny pictures like a freaking poet, a master of modern day hieroglyphics. Sometimes, you're not even totally sure what it is she's trying to say because her emoji game is just that strong — but you would never tell her that, because you wouldn't want your mom to feel like she raised a bad millennial, you know?

2. She instilled in you at an early age a deep and lasting love for pizza

Or chocolate, or cheese, or coffee. Your mom's motto has always been: if you like it, eat it. She wants you to be happy, and if that happiness comes from eating pizza with a side of pizza bagels, go for it.

3. She lets you borrow her clothes, but only if you let her borrow yours

You don't even know what belongs to you and what belongs to her anymore because you've worked out such a seamless trading system where you walk into her closet whenever you want, and she walks into yours.

4. She taught you how to be the last woman standing at every party

Knowing how to have a good time must be genetic, because the only person who's better than you at getting the party started is your mother. She conjures up fun everywhere she goes — in fact, you look forward to social outings you can hit up with your mom, because you like to watch her work her magic.

5. She also passed down her taste for terrible television

You might not tell your friends you still binge-watch America's Next Top Model marathons every chance you get, but you do tell your mom — only because you know she's watching too, and you can talk for the eight millionth time about how crazy you think it is that Joanie didn't win cycle 6. Ugh, Tyra.

6. She fully supports your decision to fill up a styrofoam coffee cup with wine and spend the day at the park

Actually, she was the one who taught you this trick — maybe the most essential lesson you've ever learned.

7. To be honest, she fully supports any decision you make

Your mom might not totally understand everything you do, but she's there to make sure you succeed. You want to move to New York City all by yourself straight out of college and try your hand as a writer? Fine — just make sure to call her on Sundays.

8. She knows that eating in the car is sometimes the only way to live

She makes sure there are snacks in the car for every trip you take — even if it's just a 15 minute drive to Target, where you will probably restock on snacks for the drive home.

9. She wants to know all about who you're dating

Because she loves you, and anyone you deem worthy of your time is someone she's willing to give a chance.

10. She doesn't mind when you send her slightly inebriated text messages late at night

Because she's sent you drunk messages before too, unapologetically.

11. You share about a million inside jokes

And yeah, they do kind of make your other siblings jealous.

12. She isn't afraid to tell you when she thinks you're making a mistake

But she does so kindly and without judgment, because she knows mistakes are inevitable.

13. She never tries to be your best friend

She just kind of is.

14. She knows every line to Mean Girls, just like you

You girls keep me young.

15. You don't even need to tell her she's cool, because she already knows

And she's passed down that beautiful, radiant confidence on to you. In fact, you've never been more proud to be just like your mother.

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