You'll Love This New Facebook Feature

Step aside, Snapchat — there's a new caption- and emoji-friendly photo editor in town. Facebook has implemented a brand new photo editor that has both a similar design and similar features to Snapchat, including the option to add your own captions, emoji, and even Facebook stickers. The only feature the Facebook editor does not yet have is drawing, which is integral to Snapchat and widely loved by all its users.

You can use the new photo editing tools when you upload any photo to a Facebook album with your Android phone or iPhone. You'll be given the old options to tag or crop your photos, but you'll also be able to pick from a handful of filters and stickers; you can even add text to your photo if you feel like it. After you're done creating your masterpiece, you can upload it to Facebook since, unlike Snapchat, the photo won't disappear into the deep, deep data abyss of ones and zeros.

In an effort to figure out how all these snazzy new features work (and see if I could get a few Facebook likes in the process), I decided to upload a semi-dramatic, semi-candid photo of myself that could definitely use some brightening up. Here are a few examples of exactly what these magical tools can do for you.

First, here's the raw image:

When you upload your photo to an album, you're given a bar of options at the bottom to start customizing, like so:

In the photo above, I selected the filters option to pick one of the seven filters offered by the editing app. As you can see, "Auto" seems to brighten up my otherwise somber demeanor.

And now here comes the interesting stuff: In the update, you can tap a little sign that says "T+" to add text. As is the case in Snapchat, you can customize the size and color of the text.

Here is a photo of me saying a big, red hi:

And here is a photo of me saying a small, teal hi:

As well as a regular, default hi:

Text doesn't have to be restricted to one word, either. You can add several lines of text:

And, of course, you can choose any emoji from the emoji keyboard and add it as well:

Like text, emoji size is adjustable:

One of the really cool features about the Facebook editor that we all wish Snapchat had is the ability to add several layers of text and emoji instead of just restricting everything to one line. For example:

And if emoji aren't enough for you, you can also choose from a variety of Facebook stickers. This first one is called "Meep" and clearly depicts me being very much in love:

You can also combine stickers with any other feature, like text:

You can even add multiple stickers, if your heart desires:

The new Facebook feature is pretty fun and reasonable well done, so go forth and play with all your photos that need some advanced editing. After all, there's an emoji for every occasion, right?

Images: Mehak Anwar/Bustle (13)