Will There Be A Channing-Less 'Magic Mike' Sequel?

If I have one qualm about Magic Mike XXL, the just-released sequel to 2012's stripper-centric drama, it's that it isn't a long enough movie. Sure, it's almost two hours, a pretty normal running time for a film, but simply put, it's just not enough. Then again, the movie could be 10 hours long and still not feel like it's ready to end: when a film is about male strippers and features a cast that includes Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello, no amount of time is enough for them to be on-screen. When the movie comes to a close, you'll likely already feel ready for more — so will there be a Magic Mike 3 ?

It's certainly possible — but just perhaps not in the form you'd expect. According to Tatum, a third movie in the franchise would only happen if someone else took the lead. He told Entertainment Weekly:

"To be completely honest—as one of the people who helped write the things—someone else is gonna have to figure that out because it was really clear where the second one went,” says star and producer Channing Tatum. “If people want a space movie, I’m happy to do that one."

Strippers in space? It definitely sounds interesting. But as Tatum implied, any continuation of the movies would likely be without its star. It's a sentiment he's shared for awhile; back in November, he told The Hollywood Reporter that another Magic Mike wouldn't happen "unless I go bankrupt or something and then make a third one on my iPhone." Again, not a definite no, but not exactly promising, either.

That said, the other stars of the franchise haven't commented on the possibility of a third movie, meaning that potentially, they're game to be involved, even if Tatum isn't. But what would another Magic Mike sequel look like without Tatum's titular character? I have a few ideas... (spoilers ahead)

1. Zoe Goes To New York


At the end of Magic Mike XXL, Zoe (Amber Heard) and Mike seem like they're likely going to begin dating. Say they do — but it doesn't last, and Zoe decides to leave him and follow her original plan, driving to New York. The movie could follow her life there without Mike, as judging by what's known about her character, it could certainly make for interesting stuff.

2. Ken Moves Up In The Reiki World

He's already a Level Three, so moving up even further is the healing industry is only a matter of time.

3. Richie Actually Develops Condomints

Sure, they're already sold in some places, but I still think it's a unique enough idea that he could definitely make a profit.

4. Tito Buys That Frozen Yogurt Truck

And lives happily ever after.

5. Rome and Paris Get Their Own Spinoff

Judging by their meeting, there's some serious history between Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Paris (Elizabeth Banks). Enough for their own movie, perhaps?

6. Nancy And Richie Get Together

Clearly, they were soulmates.

7. Dallas Comes Back And Faces Off With Rome

With this much drama going down, Mike's absence would be the last thing on anyone's mind.

8. The Guys Go On A Worldwide Tour

I don't know exactly how this would work (is there a world stripping competition? There should be.), but a third movie could follow the group as they embark on an international tour. The only thing better than those guys stripping around America? Those guys stripping around the world.

Of course, a third film without Tatum isn't preferable — here's hoping he chooses to return, if another movie does get made. But if not, it's reassuring to know that Magic Mike 3 could be just fine without him — if missing a few abs.

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