5 Times Cara & Kendall Had Matching BFF Style

by Kali Borovic

Back in the middle school days it was perfectly acceptable to match your BFF, from your hair scrunchies to your light up sneakers. Bringing the trend back to life, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner wore matching CaKe shirts to prove that they're the ultimate model besties. Just when you thought their friendship couldn't get any better, they take to Instagram and fill our news feeds with envy-inducing photos.

The pair hit the Glastonbury Festival to show off their BFF status and fabulous fashion together in their perfectly personalized tees. The black t-shirts showed off their bestie code name, CaKe, with the world "tour" underneath it, so that could only mean one thing — there must be a lot more CaKe in our future. Thank goodness! If nothing else they made me contemplate what my BFF name would be (Kali + Shanon = KaSh?!).

The two might have shown up in matching shirts but they still found ways to show off their individual personal style. Jenner cropped hers by tying the front and wearing with a pair of textured black leggings and a cross choker. Delevingne decided to wear her tee the old fashion way and continued the name-game trend with her layered initial necklaces.

These two might have cemented (err iced?) their perfect friendship with their tees, but they've been coordinating outfits since the beginning. Whether they do it on purpose or have bestie telepathy, we may never know, but I can only hope it doesn't end anytime soon.

1. All Black Backstage

True friends clearly get the all-black memo on the same days.

2. Coordinated Colors

Although they showed up to the red carpet in different styles, they were again on the same page when it came to color.

3. Runway Ready

Best friends who walk Fashion Week together, stay together. Or so the saying goes.

4. Classic Costumes

Because, I mean, every pair of besties needs a Halloween together.

5. Tried and True

Showing up in matching colors in one thing, but matching crop tops? These two must be closer than I thought.

Who would've thought that two people could bring on such major #squadgoals.

Image: Cara Delevingne/Instagram