Hilary Duff Shows Off Her Natural Beauty

by Dana Reszutek

Looks like everyone is going au natural for summer, even your favorite celebs. The latest star to join the minimal-makeup train is none other than Lizzie McGuire A.K.A. Hilary Duff, who sported a natural look on Instagram Tuesday when she shared a casual selfie (featuring an adorable dog, of course).

Duff took a cute "in bed with the dog" selfie, rocking what seems to be minimal (if not zero) makeup, and it seriously seems like the actress/singer/my childhood idol has not aged at all since her Metamorphosis days. Rocking a smize and what Duff calls a "dog collar" in her caption (I totally support this form of animal fashion), she definitely proves that her selfie game is indeed strong.

The former Disney actress hasn't been making waves in the fashion world for the natural look, actually more like the opposite. She recently had a stint with teal and pink hair, and totally owned both colors. But now it seems that Duff is leaning on the more subdued side of things for the summer, sporting her classic blonde hair, and an over all natural palate when it comes to makeup Whether she's rocking summer-proof makeup or skipping the cosmetics altogether, it's no doubt that Duff looks good. Check out her selfie!

Here are some other times Duff has shown us that she thinks the heavy makeup look is "So Yesterday" (sorry I had to).

1. Repping her new album, Breathe In, Breathe Out

2. Celebrating the weekend

3. Proving she's an insomniac like the rest of us

4. Drinking some tea

5. Getting some sun at the beach

Can she be any more beautiful?