7 Summer Makeup Tutorials Straight From YouTube

by Melodi Erdogan

The summer season is known for its unbearable heat and suffocating humidity, two very unfortunate and inconvenient characteristics for applying makeup of any kind. But thankfully, with the help of some magical products and tips from your favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, these summer makeup tutorials will help your routine stay in tact.

Summer is great for plenty of reasons (spending time outdoors, going to the beach or the pool, soaking in some much needed Vitamin D), but the hot and humid weather is not one of those reasons. Because the sticky heat is relentless when it penetrates through primer, foundation, concealer, and powder, essentially causing any type of makeup you applied that day to completely melt off your face. Thus, the conditions are obviously not ideal.

If at this point you haven’t already given up on makeup this summer, you are either a wizard who can control the weather or have some makeup application tricks up your sleeve. Defying the weather definitely takes a magical touch, and of course some intense and thorough knowledge of products and application.

So, here are seven summer makeup tutorials courtesy of your favorite magical MUA YouTubers (as I’ll call them from now on) that teach you how to apply your makeup to withstand even the worst summer weather conditions. Your makeup will look just as fabulous after any kind of terrible weather pattern as it did before — so go ahead and wish for some sunshowers.

1. Elle Fowler’s Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial

If you have dry skin, and are looking to achieve that classic dewy, glowy skin look for summer, this tutorial might just be your savior. Elle Fowler leaves out powders in order to prepare her skin, only using a light to medium coverage compact foundation and only a dab of concealer. With a neutral eye look and a natural pink lip color to match, this tutorial is perfect for everyone with dry skin looking to achieve that by the beach, out in the sun all day look.

2. Lisa Eldridge’s Summer In The City

Who better to get makeup advice from than Lisa Eldridge? The British MUA frequently works with clients like Kate Winslet, Alexa Chung, and Keira Knightly. And if that’s not enough to convince you of her genius, than this heat-proof makeup tutorial will. With skin-beneficial products that will create the best base for your makeup, applying makeup despite heat and humidity is a cinch. And guess what? It won’t melt, cake, or disappear on you. But Eldridge’s best tip: blend, blend, blend. Thin layers that are worked into your skin will work best against the heat. So get to blending!

3. Rose Kimberly’s Flawless Foundation Coverage

I know I rely on foundation and concealer to cover my acne and acne scars. So when it comes time for summer, I curse the weather for denying me that routine. But with some helpful tips from Rose Kimberly, full coverage is still possible. By strategically applying powder, foundation, and a setting spray, your foundation can last through any kind of summer heat. So no need to avoid taking photos or stay stuck inside, because this tutorial has your back. Plus, who doesn’t like an all drugstore tutorial?

4. Carli Bybel Everyday Summer Makeup

Summer also tends to be a busy time of the year, and when you’re on holiday or giving yourself some time to relax, makeup is probably the last thing you’re worried about. Yet, it’s typically a big part of everyone’s routine, so the faster and easier the makeup look you’re going for, the better. Thankfully, Carli Bybel can take you through an easy yet pretty (and completely drugstore) look in under 10 minutes. With some tips on achieving full coverage with a BB cream as opposed to a foundation, and keeping your brows on fleek despite heat and humidity, this tutorial is perfect for those busy summer days.

5. Teni Panosian’s Waterproof, Natural Makeup

Just like Teni Panosian says in the introduction of her video, summer is all about going to the pool, beach, and dealing with the “scorching heat,” and makeup doesn’t do too well in those conditions. But no fear, she’s got some tips and amazing products to keep your makeup on all day through water, sweat and heat. With the help of CC cream, waterproof concealer, and liquid tinted blush, all your makeup is light weight yet long lasting no matter what your summer plans are.

6. Ingrid Nilsen’s Sweatproof Summer Makeup

I’m a sweaty person. I am convinced I sweat through every pore of my body. So, you can imagine how that’s not very convenient for my makeup application during the summer. But with the help of Ingrid Nilsen’s summer skincare routine, and products like matte-ifying oils, primer, and makeup setting sprays, there’s no need to worry about sweat ruining your makeup. Although it’s definitely a process, and lots of products are involved, Nilsen promises fresh feeling skin all while guaranteeing long lasting makeup. I’ll take it!

7. Pixiwoo’s Perfect Summer Makeup

If you’re constantly obsessed with Jennifer Lopez’s makeup, this summer tutorial is right for you. British MUA Nic Haste Chapman of Pixiwoo takes you step by step on how to achieve a brown, bronze smokey eye with flawless skin, using key long lasting products like primer, mineralizing powder, and cream color blushes and eye shadows. This is a perfect, go-to look for a special occasion this summer, with lightweight products yet a flawless foundation and embellished eyes.

If it makes me look fabulous this summer, I’m down.

Images: YouTube, Giphy