Watch Americans Try A Full English Breakfast

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

Anyone who has ever stayed at a British B&B is aware of the “full English”: a monstrously large, traditional English breakfast that typically includes eggs, toast or fried bread, bacon (not American style “streaky” bacon, but back bacon, which is, I’m sorry, just not as good), a grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, sausage, and black pudding (aka blood sausage). In a new video, BuzzFeed challenged Americans to try English breakfast foods for the first time, and the results are mixed, with some people loving the English mountain of eggs and butter and meat and fat, and others longing for their good ol’ American crispy bacon and pancakes.

I have spent a fair amount of time in the U.K., and it's fair to say that I'm sort of obsessed with England. I’m certainly not an expert of English eating habits, but here are my two cents: (Or two pence, as it were. Zing!)

  1. If you visit England and stay in a B&B, you will be served a full English every morning. It’s standard. HOWEVER.
  2. Most English people don’t eat a full English every morning, any more than Americans eat a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, waffles, hash browns, etc. every morning. I’m sure there are Brits who swear by their daily dose of eggs and black pudding and beans, but a lot of households get by on toast, yogurt, fruit, and so on. They do, after all, sell cereal in the U.K. (Including Weetabix, which is something that I’ve always thought I should like because it looks like a giant shredded wheat. Every time I go to England, I get excited about this weird breakfast cereal-brick thing and try it, and then I realize once again that I hate it.) (I have a lot of feelings about cereal.)

So anyway, this is the full English:

The video's participants like (and dislike) different aspects of the breakfast. The parts they seem most befuddled by are those that are the most foreign to the American idea of "breakfast," like baked beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms. They agree all around that the English breakfast's fried bread is the best thing ever (it's just what it sounds like: bread that's been fried in butter).

Watch the whole video, and be prepared to start suddenly craving breakfast:

Images: YouTube(3)