"Girls Are Assholes" Is a Hilarious and Wonderfully Sarcastic Show

If you haven't yet seen the new NoKat series "Girls Are Assholes," get ye to YouTube right away. The series is written by, directed by, and starring women. But the internet hasn't been giving "Girls Are Assholes" much love.

While Jezebel called it "the internet's least relatable video series, and Handbag said the show "misses the point," I personally agree with The Gloss , which rightly points out that "Girls Are Assholes" is meant to be satirical, and this is what makes it so funny. The series shows all these stereotypes about women that we hear all the time but that are just plain ridiculous. "Girls Are Assholes" totally owns these stereotypes and acts them out in a loveable, over-the-top way.

Some viewers complain that they can't identify with the ladies in the video, when really, I doubt anyone is supposed to relate. "Girls Are Assholes" is funny because viewers probably won't know anyone who would act as silly as these girls do, yet some sexist folks seem to think these are things women actually do (just look at the comments people left on YouTube! Way to take things too seriously).

"Girls Are Assholes" is just so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh. After all, nothing says self-confidence and a feminist consciousness like the ability to laugh boldly in the face of sexist stereotypes and respond to them in a sassy way.

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Image: Ktoine/Flickr