What Your Favorite 'ER' Character Says About You

by Rachel Semigran

On March 9, 1995, a brand-new hospital saga premiered on NBC, and it came to define what was then known as "Must See TV." The first episode of ER was filled with so much drama, and so many multi-dimensional characters, that viewers were immediately hooked. The powerful series ran for 15 seasons and was a stepping stone for many successful actors, including George Clooney, Julianna Margulies, Noah Wyle, Anthony Edwards, Eriq LaSalle, and Maura Tierney. For as much as the cast has gone off to do after ER, the show still remains a defining moment, if not the biggest moment, in their careers. But if you're an ER mega fan, you already have all of that practically tattooed on the inside of your skull.

Before George R.R. Martin was ever involved in television, there was Michael Crichton who, week after week, destroyed the hearts of fans either with the personal lives of ER's staff or the tragic stories of its patients. I'd rather watch Game of Throne's "The Rains of Castamere" a hundred times over ER's "On the Beach." If you think True Detective is heart-stopping, go watch "Be Still My Heart" from Season 6 and prepare to not blink for about 45 minutes.

What made ER so special was how deeply the writers and actors cared for the characters they created. ER has some of the most unforgettable figures in television history, and since I know you have a favorite somewhere in that brain of yours, here's what your favorite character says about you.

Dr. John Carter

You are an idealist who believes in fighting the good fight. You might piss off your parents, your teachers, and your bosses from time to time with your brazenness, but your intentions are always in the right place, even when it angers authority figures. When it comes to the head vs. heart, you always follow your heart.

Dr. Kerry Weaver

You are the no-nonsense person in charge and you like it that way — after all, if you didn't take care of EVERYTHING, then who would? Work often gets in the way of your personal life, and it often takes the intervention of those closest to you to slow down and enjoy life. Now, I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled routine.

Nurse Abby Lockheart

Your romantic life is a hot mess. Your career is a hot mess. Everything is just a hot mess. You just keep holding on to the knowledge that some day, it will all work out... or, when it does, life will just continue to hand you another heaping plate of WTF. Your bookshelf is filled with comedic memoirs like Yes Please and Bossypants, and you never miss your Sunday night HBO.

Dr. Luka Kovac

You are brilliant, romantic, and deeply poetic. However, your vices get in the way, and you have trouble opening up to people. When you do finally let others in, the results are beautiful. Go on and brood in a corner.

Dr. Mark Greene

You are wise and kind-hearted. You are the first person everyone in your life goes to for advice. You are an endless well of brilliance. Though you're a total softie, you also have a wicked sense of humor. You can kick it with the gang at happy hour, but you'd rather be at home with your family showing off your amazing grilling skills. Oh, and you definitely prefer wine over beer. Now back to solving the world's problems...

Dr. Elizabeth Corday

You're a fish out of water most of the time, but that's nothing new. You've got oodles of ambition and sometimes you can't tell if it's your true desire or just what you think the world wants you to be. You sometimes suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome, but it's part of what makes you so darn charming. You grow on people, and, once you find your niche, you are absolutely irreplaceable.

Dr. Doug Ross

You love kids, but don't necessarily want any of your own. You're "just having fun" right now in your dating life, and aren't looking for anything "serious." Your parents always ask you when you're going to settle down, and you never have an answer for it. You are a lone wolf who would rather find your own way than depend on anyone — the trouble is, when you actually do need someone, you've burned a lot of bridges, and finding help can be tough.

Nurse Carol Hathaway

You are nothing if not a hopeless romantic. You always believe in the best in people, and it sometimes means people take advantage of your forgiving ways. You'd rather have an open heart and have it stepped on than to be guarded and safe. You tried online dating once, and it nearly killed you.

Dr. Peter Benton

People often mistake your confidence for arrogance, but that doesn't get in your way. You always do you. You care passionately about your work, and likely do Cross Fit or Tough Mudder races. You're a lot softer than you let on, but you like keeping people guessing.

Dr. Susan Lewis

You're a bit of a know-it-all, and you're more than a little infamous for running your mouth at all times... but that's actually why people like you. You were definitely a late bloomer when it came to being comfortable in your own skin. It all paid off in the end because you know who you are, you know what you like, and you're probably having the best sex of your life with someone you really care about.

Jeanie Boulet

You've been through hell and back, but you never ever use your past as a crutch. You take what life has given you and use it to fuel your path forward. There's very little regret because you live in the moment.

And if your favorite character is none of these people, you might want to go back and rewatch this show because you clearly missed something.

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