The Kardashians Do It Best In All Black

by Jade Melise Herrin

One of my favorite things about the leading Kardashian (outside of the fact that she's married to Kanye) is that Kim K wears all black frequently and looks effortlessly beautiful. Now, I don't think there is a family that gets more criticism than the Kardashians do. But I also don't think there's a family that wears the color black as well as they do. With so much of their lives on display for the world to see, I give them major props for staying true to who they are, especially when it comes to style.

It's definitely an undeniable reality that Kim K's look has drastically transformed throughout the last few years, going from barely making it work to bringing the heat as one of the most influential women in fashion today. Whether people like it or not, she's a style icon. Seriously, she can wear a pink unitard and still look absolutely incredible!

As overrated and cliché as they may seem to the masses, it can't be ignored that the Kardashian fam is changing the game of fashion and I love them for it. It's not only Kim who has made her way to the top, but Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also making a name for themselves in fashion. Although their styles may be diverse and and uniquely their own, they seem to all rep a staple look no matter the season or weather. These ladies love ballin' out in all black.

Just because we can, let's take a look at some of their best "all black" ensembles.

1. Gorgeous in Givenchy

2. Looking Good In Laquan

3. Killin' It In "Kim Kardashian West"

4. Babe in Black

5. Always Only Alaia

These sisters will continue to slay the style game if they keep showing out in head to toe black. And to all the haters, even you can't deny that they actually look really good!