J.T. Is Now A Wedding Singer

You're probably going to be pretty jealous after this one. On Sunday, it was revealed that Justin Timberlake is now a wedding singer — OK, not officially, but he did become one for a very special wedding. Instagram's Justin Timberlake Army shared two videos that prove Timberlake just might be a better wedding singer than Adam Sandler. After the Supreme Court declared state bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional on Friday, Timberlake and Jessica Biel attended their friends', Dana Panzer and Amy Wicker's, wedding, where J.T. channeled his inner wedding singer.

The Social Network star sat down at a keyboard and belted out "Señorita" from his 2002 album Justified. He opened the song by saying, "All the fellas are gonna look at the ladies who just got married tonight. And all the ladies are gonna look at the ladies. You know what I'm saying." Of course, the crowd cheered and screamed with delight — who wouldn't? Then, the 34-year-old continued as the impromptu wedding singer, which is pretty much the best wedding present ever.

As great as I think Sandler is in The Wedding Singer, if I had to choose between him and Timberlake to sing at my big day... yeah, I'm going with Justin.

Sorry not sorry, Robbie Hart, but Justin Timberlake just gave you a run for your money. Who else thinks the former *NSYNC member should turn wedding singing into a full-time gig?

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