The MTV 'Scream' Cast You Need To Know Before The Killer Picks Them Off One By One

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It has been almost 20 years since the first Scream film premiered, and now MTV is reinventing and adapting the popular slasher series for a weekly horror show. The show, which weaves in the dark past of Lakewood, follows a group of teenagers — portrayed by an entirely fresh-faced Scream cast — who have recently been shaken by the gruesome murder of popular girl Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne). In the wake of her murder, the teens have to deal with a killer who seems to have a agenda of his own.

The cast is different from the original film (so, no… there is no Drew Barrymore), but in a way, fans of the original film will see commonalities throughout the characters that will feel like the young, hip 2015 sister to the 1996 film series. The cast is full of fresh new faces who are bound to make a name for themselves in the series that will make you never want to fall asleep in the dark again. Here are the people you need to know, maybe fear, on MTV’s Scream.

Images: MTV

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