7 Things Only Girls With Big Calves Understand

For a woman, or maybe any human, having big calves is a physical trait that is either loved or hated. As I'm all about learning to love the body parts we're often taught to hate — and as a lady with big calves myself, who has come to terms with them over the years — it's time to take a look at the things only my fellow big-calved girls will understand.

First of all, let's just get this out there in the open: Having big calves isn't something you should be ashamed of. Despite the possible struggles that come along with them, your big calves look great in a pair of heels, and many people covet the way you can fill in your clothes. My hubby, for one, always tells me mine are super sexy, so you never know. Of course, your sense of self-worth should never come down to the opinions of others, but having a significant other or potential significant other who appreciates something about your body you previously beat yourself up about can, realistically, improve the way you see that body part yourself.

Secondly, you can't help the body you've been given. If you're like me, you inherited your big calves from your family, so be proud of what you've got. My legs are shaped much like my father's — prone to toned calves without even having to try. And hey, I take that as a good thing, because even without walking or running, I'm going to have muscular legs!

Here's my list of other things that girls with big calves will understand.

1. Buying Boots Is Sort Of Miserable

You love the style, but finding knee-high boots that will actually go over your calve muscles is a feat that usually involves trying on dozens and dozens of pairs, and most of the time ends in misery. Once you do find that illustrious pair, you hold on to it for as long as it'll last, because there's no telling when you might find another good pair again.

2. As Is The Struggle To Find Thigh-High Socks

Much like buying boots — although perhaps ever-so-slightly easier, due to the more flexible fabric — getting cozy thigh-high socks over your legs is another battle. Oftentimes, you're just left having to be content with normal ankle socks and possibly some stretchy leg warmers.

3. And Skinny Jeans Aren't Always The, Um, Best Choice

Even though it can be attractive to show off the form of your big calf muscles, sometimes skinny jeans aren't the best choice for a full day's wear. Unless, of course, you enjoy having to peel them off your legs. Boot cuts, flares, or straight jeans are usually the more comfortable choices. But if you're like me, you still rock those skinnies anyway.

4. Wearing Mid-Length Skirts Is Also A Struggle

It's a good thing maxi skirts are all the rage, because the cutesy tea length doesn't quite cut it for you. Though it's a so-called "rule" to not wear skirts that bring the eye directly to your calves if you have a thicker lower leg, you know you are perfectly entitled to break that rule. However, mini and maxi skirts can be a bit more of a fun option for ya.

5. The Pressure To Try To "Slim" Them Is Real

Sure, it's totally OK if you really want to work on getting them slimmer, but the fact remains that, genetically, what you've got, you've got. And there's just no need to have to make them slimmer when you are perfect as you are.

6. But You Sure Do Look Great In Heels

Despite the "issues" you might face with your big calves, one thing is for sure: Your legs look stunning in a pair of heels. When you're wearing your platforms, it's inevitable that your calve muscles will contract, thus showing the world the charm of your lower leg. Work it, girl.

7. Even If Your Legs Are Being Compared To A Vegetable

Perhaps this isn't totally common knowledge, but apparently, the shape of our calf muscles are compared to vegetables, according to research that aimed to end the struggle of finding the perfect boot. Katie Holmes' calves are called parsnips. Beyoncé's are marrows. Kim Kardashian's are eggplants. Obviously, we need to stop assigning fruit and vegetable shapes to women. But if nothing else, I'm pretty fond of my veggies, so I'll take this one as a compliment.

Images: shannonnorvell/Instagram; Giphy (7)