Why Steve Is SO Adorable on ‘Big Brother 17'

by Emily Lackey

I’ll admit it: I was a little late to the Steve-loving game. I mean, Steve's intro on Big Brother 17 showed him playing with an erector set in his parent’s basement. I mean, before that, I hadn’t seen an erector set since 1989, and I was totally fine keeping it that way. Couple that weird biographically information with his complete lack of social skills, and Steve had me furrowing my brow a ton of times during the first episodes of the season. Who was this guy, and how is he going to spend even a single a day in this house without totally melting down/pissing everyone else off?

However, over the past few days, I’ve been swinging back around to seeing the sweet side of Steve. Let’s just say he’s totally endeared himself to me. I mean, despite his weird intro, how can anyone not be impressed with this big sweetheart? Even if you’re not the biggest Steve fan in Big Brother history, you can’t deny that the kid is totally adorable. Just look at this list of sweet things he’s done or said so far this season that are so totally genuine and sincere that it sort of makes my heart hurt:

1. When He Had No Idea How To Talk To People

He was so socially awkward in the beginning that Da’Vonne had to legit sit him down and let him know that he was alienating everyone in the house. After that talk, he put on his big boy pants and tried super hard to connect with the other houseguests. It was so damn earnest, it made me want to give him a hug.

2. When He Tried To Be Da’Vonne’s Biggest Supporter

“Can I get you anything? Do you need anything at all?” he asked Da’Vonne when she was deciding whom to pick for immunity. Steve was so damn sweet and awkward in that moment, I couldn’t help but fall totally in love.

3. When He Talked To The Live Feeders

Seriously, how could you not fall for the guy when he spoke directly to the cameras and told viewers all about his plan to throw the HoH challenge so that he wouldn’t have to pick a side?! Please monologue to us for the entire season, Steve. I totally loved it.

4. When He Called Da’Vonne A Sweetie

Oh, honey, no. She’s the biggest player in the house. You’re so sweet, I just want to put you in my pocket and take care of you forever.

5. When He Walked In On Austin, Da’Vonne, And Audrey

His helplessness + my mothering complex = HAPPINESS

6. When He Wanted To Save Jace

During the Livefeed, Steve said he doesn’t trust James and wanted to save Jace from being evicted, all of which is majorly against the general consensus of the house. Is it wrong that I love him even more for going against the grain and playing the game his way?

7. When He Eavesdropped On Every Conversation

So, like, every single second. Sure, it’s annoying to the other houseguests that Steve is always lurking around every corner, but that kid has some serious spy skills. Also, can’t you totally picture him honing those skills when he was a kid, along with a pair of binoculars and a secret notebook in hand?

I mean, how can you not love a Big Brother contestant like that?

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Image: CBS (8); bricesander/Tumblr