Brooklyn Decker's Maternity Style Keeps It Real

She first announced her pregnancy two months ago and hasn’t slowed down since! Brooklyn Decker’s maternity style is on fleek, which is all the more impressive when you consider how busy she is. Not only is she expecting baby, she's also renovating a house, so she definitely doesn't have time to get all gussied up on the regular.

Let me tell you, renovating a house while pregnant never looked so good. Decker’s able to be comfortable and confident, and she’s not afraid to make fun of herself. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and it's perhaps the best part of her maternity style.

She announced her pregnancy in no makeup and a sundress and that laid-back theme has carried throughout the weeks, all the way to when she wore a baseball hat and a flannel shirt in a recent Instagram. If you ask me, comfort is key always, but even more so when you’re pregnant. Decker definitely knows what’s up!

Check out all of the times this actress has kept it real while carrying her little bundle of joy by scrolling through these Instagram pics. Can I be as cool as Brooklyn Decker when I grow up?

1. Pregnancy Announcement

Just casually announcing she's pregnant, you know. She's letting that super cute sundress do all of the work when it comes to styling.

2. Sense of Humor

Since announcing her pregnancy, she's been able to show off her silly side. She's going to be such a fun mom!

3. Laid-Back Shopping Trip

Sometimes you've got to be serious with your shopping, so you've got to be dressed in the comfiest of clothes to zoom around the store.

4. Casual Backyard Get Together

This shirtdress is just adorable. A little dressy, but not too dressy.

5. Face Mask

Decker's not letting the whole being pregnant thing slow her down!

6. Socks and Sandals

Honestly, because of the way she handled this, I don't mind this look (and those socks are super cute).

7. Flannel Shirt Selfie

She is working it in that flannel shirt and baseball cap.

Isn't her attitude (and style) just the best?