How To Get Your Roommate To Stop Eating Your Food

If you've ever lived with people you know two things: One, not to walk into their room when they clearly just want to be alone, and two, that the lines about communal food are bound to get a little bit muddled. Luckily, BuzzFeed has taught us a very clear lesson about food sharing: They've given us a foolproof way to get your roommate to stop eating your food. And their way is good. It requires commitment, acting prowess, and a shred of ruthlessness. But hot damn, it's really good. And it will ensure that your roommate doesn't touch your milk.

I have to admit that I really like to share food with my current roommate. When I lived alone, it felt like I was constantly letting produce go bad. Now I have someone to share my food with and waste much less as a result. But I understand it's not for everyone, and some people really just want to defend their right to drink straight out of the milk carton. (I respect that, because I occasionally eat directly out of the peanut butter jar.)

If you can't get your roommate to buy their own eggs, you need this video in your life. It's got one very important key learning. Here's what you need to do if your roommate's eating your food:

Step 1: Realize Your Roommate Has Been Drinking Your Milk

Step 2: Come To Terms With That Fact

(Or don't.)

Step 3: Pretend To Be Sick (And Drink Straight From The Milk Carton)

And scare your roommate into never touching your things ever again.

Watch the full video and plan your scheme accordingly:


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