Lesli Might Have A 'PLL' Motive

Alright, I Marlene King, when are you going to tell us why Bethany Young is relevant to this story? Because, yet again, we get one step closer to solving the A puzzle and the mystery of Bethany stands in our way. On Tuesday's "She's No Angel," Lesli and Mona both returned to Rosewood for the first time since the Liars escaped from the dollhouse. And — as if that wasn't coincidence enough — it turns out that they've been hiding a very big secret. At the end of Tuesday's episode, the series revealed that Pretty Little Liars' Lesli and Bethany Young were roommates at Radley and the signs are pointing towards I Marlene King convincing us that Lesli is involved in the A game.

A lot of pieces of Tuesday's episode pointed towards what will soon become a popular theory for Season 6 — Lesli is Big A or Black Hoodie. First, there was the fact that Lesli's return conveniently coincided with Mona's, but that's not necessarily the weirdest bit of the whole situation. The big — scratch that, HUGE — factor in the latest "Answer" is that Lesli was in Radley for long enough to have known Charles and Bethany Young and, even more so, she was Bethany's roommate. Can you just say "game changer" with me? It's one thing for Lesli to have passed these two in the halls, but living with Bethany definitely made her privy to information about Mrs. DiLaurentis, Alison, and a number of other things in Bethany's life. But what does it all mean? And why did Lesli send Mona to Radley to try to steal her file in case the Liars found it?

The simple answer: Lesli knows something — a lot more than she's let on. And, with Aria grabbing those photos of Black Hoodie and theorizing that this person might be a woman, we're just suspecting Lesli that much more. As always, it seems like the pieces are falling into place for Lesli to be involved in terrorizing the Liars. Her final conversation — and freak out — with Mona seem to be the cherry on top of implicating her. First of all, it seemed like Mona was taking orders from her, not just doing a friend a favor in hopes of getting back into her good graces — and second, Lesli told Mona that she "always" screws up. So, Lesli's sent Mona out to do her bidding before? Something seems wrong here and if Lesli is so closely connected to a MAJOR unexplained piece of the A mystery, I have no doubt that she knows something that could blow this thing out of the water. But, seriously, can someone just explain where Bethany Young fits in? PLEASE.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family